Mosquitoes Attracted to a Certain Blood Type?


Mosquitoes are attracted to a certain blood type. Scientific research has shown that a mosquito will be more likely to bite someone with an O blood type versus other blood types. The mosquito is least likely to bite someone who has the A blood type. Many variables are included in the research but the main variable is the amount of sugar that is secreted through the blood and skin. Many scientists believe that the mosquito is attracted to the smell of sugar.
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Mosquitoes are attracted to certain people because of scent. The main scent they are attracted to is a natural one that is different for every person. Some people have a natural scent
Females need blood to reproduce. Males do not bite, drink juices of plants. (ebersnew) I thought this was a cool fact. Mosquitos are only attracted to some kinds of blood because
They more attracted to bite those with type O blood. Thanks for
There's no proof that mosquitoes like one type of blood, but steroids & cholesterol can attract them!
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No, mosquitoes do not prefer a certain blood type. Mosquitoes are attracted to smells, like perfume and hairspray. ...
Mosquitoes drink blood from humans and animals. Scientists believe that people with high concentrations of steroids or cholesterol on their skin surface will attract ...
Mosquitos prefer certain colors and patterns. A person who wears a dark color has a greater chance of having more mosquito bites. A person who wears a lighter ...
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