Most Educated President?


Determining which U.S. President was the most educated depends on what you consider to be the highest level of education. Most of the presidents completed undergraduate programs, and very few (mostly just some of the earliest ones) didn't attend college. Presidents that graduated from law school are: Rutherford B, Hayes and Barack Obama (Harvard Law School), William Howard Taft (University of Cincinnati College of Law), Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton (Yale Law School). William Henry Harrison went to medical school but did not graduate and Woodrow Wilson held a Ph.D from Johns Hopkins University. The only President to complete business school was George W. Bush (Harvard Business School).
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To answer this question fully depends on what metric one uses or how one defines "educated. Going purely by academic degrees, there have been several past presidents who had
President George W. Bush pledges allegiance to the flag with Secretary of
The President of the United States does very little on his own. At every step in every process he meets with people who know more about the subject than he does, listens to their
Woodrow Wilson, our 28th president, earned a PhD in political science from Johns Hopkins. Text us!
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