Who is the world's most muscular woman?


The world's strongest woman is currently a Finnish woman named Kati Luoto. She is the 2013 champion of the international strength competition United Strongmen Women's World Championships.

According to the official results from the 2013 contest, Luoto was the champion. The second runner up was American body builder Kristin Rhodes, and Anniina Vaaranmaa, also from Finland, placed third. The competition took place in Helsinki, Finland. The World's Strongest Woman is determined in this annual competition, It has had a few various titles over the years including Strongwoman World Championships and World's Strongest Lady. The competition has occurred intermittently since it was first held in 1997. Polish body builder Aneta Florczyk has won the competition four times, the most of any competitor.

Another female who is recognized for her strength is bodybuilder Iris Kyle. She won Ms. Olympia five times in a row (2006 to 2010) and six times (2004) overall, according to TotalProSports.com. She has also held the title of Ms. International seven times (2004, 2006 to 2011), and is it is anticipated by TotalProSports.com that she will continue to place throughout her bodybuilding career.

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