Most Weight Ever Lifted?


The most weight ever lifted is recorded at 6,270 pounds and performed by Paul Anderson. The weight-lifting event took place in 1957 at the Melbourne Olympics. Paul Anderson won gold medal during the time and it was recorded as the most weight ever lifted by the Guinness Book of World Records.
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The Correct answer to the best of my knowledge is PAUL EDWARD ANDERSON, who lifted more than 6,270 in the year 1957 according to Guinness World Records. You can hear his story as
The most weight ever lifted by a human is 1650 pounds although it's
Paul Anderson is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as
Record-holding Ukrainian Ryan Kennelly has lifted 1050 lbs (476.3 kg) of weight.He weighs 290 lbs, wow!
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The most weight ever bench pressed is 1,070 pounds. This is a record that is held by Ryan Kennelly. Before this, Scot Mendelson held the record at 1008 pounds. ...
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