Do moth balls keep spiders away?


Moth balls do not keep spiders away, but they are beneficial for ridding a home of other pests. There are several other methods that repel spiders.

Planting eucalyptus or strong spices outside of the home helps to repel spiders. The smell of the spices keeps spiders away. Some homeowners opt to sprinkle the spices around their entire perimeter to keep the spider populations low. Homemade spider repellents are also effective and simple to make with a few ingredients. Adding salt and warm water to a spray bottle is not only inexpensive but also environmentally friendly. The mixture should be sprayed around the outside of the home, especially on bushes and flowers, at least once a week. Essential oils can be added to the spray to boost its effectiveness. Tea tree oil and lavender oils are good choices.

For heavy spider infestations, a pesticide often works best, but care should be taken as they often contain harsh chemicals. It is vital to keep children and pets away from the pesticide as they pose health risks. The pesticide should also never be used on plants because the poison can kill them. Pesticides come in a large array of brands, sizes and different ingredients, so users should read the product label carefully before purchasing and follow all safety precautions. For consumers uncomfortable with buying or using store-bought pesticides, pest control companies often offer a solution.

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I am pretty sure you'll want to use mothballs, which should be available at general retail stores, such as Target. Embed Quote
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