Mothballs in Gas Tank?


Putting mothballs in a gas tank is a myth that says that the car will run better and get better gas mileage. In all actuality the moth balls in the gas tank will likely cause damage to the vehicle and will not boost performance. If you want your car to run well you need to do regular maintenance to it. Have a mechanic do a tune up at least every 18 months and get regular oil changes. Rotate the tires and check the air pressure when the seasons change.
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If they have not done so already, they're going to dissolve - It'll slowly gum up your engine. Take it to a mechanic immediately and have the system flushed. Good luck.
1. Create a template for the gas tank by tracing an area 3 feet long by 2 feet wide on a piece of poster board. The area will have straight, 90-degree corners. Place the template
It is rumored that putting mothballs in your gas tank boosts the oc...
1. Drain the gas tank of all fluid. If the tank is still on the vehicle, use a siphoning hose to remove the gas via the filler spout. If the tank is not mounted to the Chevy, turn
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