How do you spend quality time with your aging mother?


Spending quality time with an aging mother entails doing things she once liked to do, says, such as going to sporting events, playing particular games or attending cultural events, such as plays and comedy shows. An aging mother may also enjoy spending time talking to her children and sharing memories with them.

An aging mother with significant health issues and limited mobility may not be able to engage in much physical activity. In this instance, board games, crossword puzzles or watching movies are a way to spend quality time with an aging mother. Spending time at a park feeding the birds is another activity the aging parent may enjoy that requires little physical effort, apart from light walking and hand movements.

Photo albums are a great way to get a conversation going and allow an aging mother to reminisce about past experiences and share memories. This allows parents and their adult children to spend quality time together, allows them to bond with one another and teaches the adult child about their mother's life experiences. This is also an opportunity for an aging mother to share wisdom and life's lessons.

Aging mothers who are still agile and unlimited in their mobility can take walks, go on hikes and bike rides with their adult children or grandchildren in order to spend quality time together. These activities encourage good physical and mental health practices and allow the aging mother to feel unrestricted and able to do activities she has always enjoyed.

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