How to Find the Socket Size of a Motherboard?


Even if you can open your machine to visually inspect your motherboard, it's not recommended for this purpose. Socket sizes can be hard to determine by looking alone. The best way to find the socket size of a motherboard is to locate the original packaging of the motherboard or computer. You can find the model number, and in the documentation, the socket size is likely to be listed. If you cannot find it there, contact the manufacturer or go to their website and look it up by that model number.
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1. Find the original packaging of your motherboard. The type of socket the motherboard supports will usually be on the top cover of the box. 2. Locate the manual for your motherboard
It depends on the type of board you have. Obviously a laptop mobo (motherboard) is going to be smaller than one in a desktop. And again a desktop one is going to be different than
Micro ATX. It's 19cm x 24.4cm.
ATX Mid, ATX Full, ATX Desktop. Those are all the same. The offical size is: ATX. ATX mid is not a size. ATX full is not a size. ATX desktop is not a size. ATX is the standard motherboard
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