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Throw away those books and cassettes on inspirational leadership. Send those consultants packing. Know your job, set a good example for the people under you and put results over politics. That's all the charisma you'll really need to succeed.
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Some Motocross sayings are; Motocross is a contact sport, see you in the first
pin it to win it. railin ruts before sluts. im not behind im bout to lap your * motocross, bc team sports are for * 2 strokes are like fat chicks, there fun to ride until your friends
I have the chinese character for rice 米 on the back of my helmet. I would suggest that you reasearch some chinese characters because not only do they look cool (I think anyway
ride it like you stole it.
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Motocross quotes are things people have said about the sport and have been repeated by others in speeches or papers. Famous Motocross quotes are the ones people ...
"motocross isn't a lifestyle, its a life, style is optional." Graham Noyce. ...
Here are some great motocross quotes! "A narrow track of dirt through the forest ...
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