Motorcycle Trickle Charger?


A trickle charger is useful to keep a slow charge on a battery to prolong its life, rather than charging it from a fully depleted or dead state. While there are some trickle chargers dedicated to motorcycles, there are also general trickle chargers that have several different modes of use. It is best to get one that recognizes when the battery is fully charged so that the charger shuts off automatically as you can then leave the trickle charger hooked up to your motorcycle indefinitely. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for locating and removing your motorcycle battery. Then, follow the manufacturer's directions for hooking up the charger to the battery.
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Without regular use, a motorcycle battery can lose its charge. While you can charge the battery when it's dead, a better choice is to use a trickle charger. Using a trickle charger,
It will take a trickle charger 2 to 12
A battery charger that is outputting 1 amp or less is considered a trickle charger.
Depends on the charger. Some force-feed the battery a Constant small current that will cook a battery just like a non-tending charger forcing a large current. In those cases, leaving
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