How to Unlock the Motorola Cable Box's Dac Code?


Here is how you unlock the DAC code on a Motorola Cable Box: Step 1: On the remote control press 'menu' then choose 'setup'. Now press 'ok'. Step 2: Choose 'locks setup', press ok. Now, enter your four-digit PIN. Press 'ok' Step 3: Select 'master locks' option and then press 'ok'. Step 4: Choose the 'bypass all locks' option and press 'ok'. Step 5: Select 'exit menu' to complete the process.
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1. Press the "Menu" button on your remote control. Tap the arrow keys to select "Setup. Press "OK. 2. Scroll down to "Locks Setup. Press the "OK"
There are a number of Motorola cable boxes. Use the link to see if yours is there and find some codes.
What is the Universal code for Motorola cable
i cant find the code for a motorola but i believe magnavox also make comcast boxes there code is 072 or 096
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Remote code for a Motorola cable box is 0476. The code can be used to reprogram the device. Once the cable box is turned on, the 'Setup' is initiated. Factory ...
To reset a Motorola digital cable box, turn off the box while the TV is turned on. Then press the menu button on the remote control to bring up the user settings ...
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