How to Open the i880 Motorola.?


1. Hold the "Power" button beneath the "Asterisk" key for a few seconds. The phone turns off. Disconnect the battery charger cord, if necessary. 2. Close the flip screen and turn the phone over. Slide the battery cover release button away from the
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i have a motorola i880 and it loxk on a nextel service. how do i unlock the subsidy code myself? what is a subsidy code?
Some phones will play mp4s, but they want the ring tones in mp3 format. In any case, it must be some incompatibility format. See what format are the existing ring tones and convert
Yes, it does have bluetooth. Many of the
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1. Access the Motorola i880's phone settings from the phone's main menu screen. 2. Select the "Memory Card" sub-option, and select "USB Connection ...
1. Flip open the Motorola i880. Press the "Power" button located just below the "Star" key to turn on the phone. 2. Press the "Menu" ...
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