Where is Mount Unzen in Japan located?


Mount Unzen refers to an active volcanic group of many overlapping volcanoes and it is located close to Shimabara city in Nagasaki Prefecture. It is found on the southernmost main island in Japan called Kyushu Island.
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Mount Unzen is located in Kyushu, Japan.
Mt. Unzen is a volcano on central Shimabara
No idea what you mean by "magnitude" A volcano doesn't have a "magnitude" An eruption might, but not the volcano itself. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Unzen
Mount Unzen is in Asia. Asia (the traditional continent/region of the world)
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Mount Unzen is an active volcanic group of composite volcanoes in Nagasaki, Japan like Mount Fugen which is the highest. It has volcanic eruption which on June 3, 1991 destroyed home and killed over forty three people.
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