Mountain Ranges in Africa?


Africa is home to several majestic mountains. A few of the mountain ranges in Africa are the Atlas Mountains, the High Atlas, the Tibesti Mountains, the Rwenzori Mountains, the Outeniqua Mountains and the Air Mountains. The Air Mountains is located in the northern part of Niger. The mountain has an entire area of approximately 32, 433 square feet. The Atlas Mountains are located in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. This mountain range has an elevation of 13,671 feet and its highest point is called Toubkal.
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the mountains in Africa. Ahaggar Mountains. Ahmar Mountains. Ethiopia. Aberdare ranges, Kenya. Amaro Mountains. Ethiopia. Atlantika Mountains. Cameroon. Nigeria. Atlas Mountains.
Atlas Mountains run from southwestern Morocco along the Mediterranean coastline to
the body of water is the red sea, and the the mountain range is the atlas mountains
1. Set the shoebox on its side. Use the watercolors to paint a sky backdrop for your mountain range on the inside of the box, including the bottom of the top flap and the insides
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