Movable Lump in Jaw?


Lumps may form along your jaw area as you mature. Sometimes these lumps are not serious and other times they could be a sign of something serious. Many parents worry about movable lumps that develop under the skin near the jawline. If you are noticing this type of lump then you should contact your child's pediatrician. The doctor will be able to inspect the area to determine the proper course of action. Normally the doctor will inspect the area and he could also request bloodwork.
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I get that about once a year. When I got it originally and went to the dentist she told me that one of my tooth's roots were inflamed (at the time she said it was my 12 year molar
I had something similar, it turned out to be a cyst. I made an appointment with an oral surgeon and since it wasn't going away they just removed it. Very simple procedure. Get it
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The lump could be a lymph node, but it is best to see and ask your
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