What Is MP3 Rocket?


As of January 2011, MP3 Rocket is a personal download program for YouTube videos. It also allows for time-delayed viewing of the downloaded content. The basic version of this software is free to download.
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MP3 Rocket is a legal person to person (P2P) file share site that offers access to 12 billion P2P music files and on demand streaming of movies and TV shows. MP3 Rocket also offers
MP3 Rocket Basic is free and can be downloaded from the main website (see related link) MP3 Rocket Pro must be paid for. If you find it anywhere for free, you should know that it
MP3 Rocket Pro costs $19.88 directly through their website.
Try to use some alternative for downloading. I mean some other downloading program. Or, one more guess, I think that your program may be blocked from working by your antivirus. I
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