How to Improve the MPG on a Suburban?


To improve your miles per gallon (MPG) on your Suburban, take your driving habits in consideration. Don't press down hard on the gas when going down hills, and don't speed up unnecessarily. If you keep these few tips in mind, you'll soon pay less at the pump.
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1. Accelerate slower when starting from a complete stop or pulling out of your driveway. Punching the accelerator burns more gas than a gentle start, especially in a heavy Suburban.
A 1999 GMC Suburban gets 12 MPG in the city, and 17 MPG on the highway. Thanks for
This isn't a question that has a simple answer. There are several variables, with driving habits/patterns the most significant. In 1996, I think the only engine available was the
12 City, 16 Highway, 13 Combined. The only way you'll get 25mpg with that thing is to sit in it while some one is towing it. Source:
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The 1995 Suburban diesel gets an outstanding 22mpg on the ...
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