How do you use a Mr. Coffee espresso machine?


Here are basic instructions on how to use a Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine:nn· nMake sure thenMr. Coffee Espresso machine is turned off and unplugged. nn· nFill the carafenwith cold water to the level mark for your desired number of servings. Notenthere is one set of marks for espresso and one for cappuccino. Place the correct amount of water fornwhichever blend you are brewing. nn· nRemove thenwater reservoir top and pour the water into the holding area. Replace the capnand make sure it is secured tightly. nn· nPlace a cleannfilter into the basket and fill with espresso ground coffee to the correctnlevel mark on the basket. Clean anynexcess grounds from the rim of the filter holder. nn· nSlide thenfilter basket retainer clip until it clicks into the groove and turn the basketnclockwise until it is locked into position. nn· nPlace the carafe’sncover on so that the opening faces the spout. Then place the carafe onto thendrip tray making sure the brew basket and carafe’s handles are aligned. nn· nPlug thenmachine in. Turn the control knob from the off position to the coffee cupnsymbol. This should begin the brewing process. nnTo make cappuccino, follownthe first seven steps above. When you have done this, fill the metal frothingncup about half full of cold two percent or skim milk. Hold the cup firmly beneath the frothing tubenso that it is only slightly emerged into the cup. Turn the control knob tonsteam and move the cup in a circular motion for about a minute until the frothnforms. Once the froth has doubled in volume, insert the tube deeper into thencup so that the milk is heated to about 150 degrees F using a beveragenthermometer. Remove the cup from underneath the tube Pour the coffee into a mugnor cup, then add the steamed milk into the cup and top with the frothed milk.
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Instructions for a Mr. Coffee Espresso Machine
Mr. Coffee manufactures a model of espresso machine to make both espresso and cappuccino at home. Instructions for the espresso machine are needed in making both types of coffees, and also for consumer safety of an appliance with high pressure and steam.... More »
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