How can you change your browser's homepage to something other than MSN?


How to remove MSN as a home page? To remove MSN as a home page you want to go into your options tab on the browser or browser tab. On the General tab, there is a window that lists the current home page. You can change from MSN to another home page by typing in the new home page and clicking OK.
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1. Open your Internet Explorer browser window. 2. Click on the "Tools" menu. Click on the "Internet Options" submenu. The "Internet Options" window will
Changing your homepage to MSN is easy, and it changes very little from browser to browser. In your browser's tools menu, click on tools, then click on options (or Internet options
She may or may not have MSN (this is a worldwide application) However, it's likely that if she does have MSN her contact information is not widely available for privacy matters.
Nothing unless you are using IE10.
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MSN (or the Microsoft Network) a collection of Internet services provided by Microsoft. Initially released by Microsoft on August 24, 1995, to coincide with the release of Windows 95, the range of services has since expanded… More>>
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The MSN Japan homepage is designed specifically for those who speak Japanese. The entire page is written in default Japanese language. It provides both access ...
To make MSN your homepage, you need to configure your browser options. In your browser options, you will find a space for your homepage address. Just put in ' ...
You can change your homepage through your browser settings. Just go to Tools - > Options and put the page you want to be your homepage. ...
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