MSN Japan Home Page?


The MSN Japan homepage is designed specifically for those who speak Japanese. The entire page is written in default Japanese language. It provides both access to MSN Hotmail, now known as Windows live mail, and news relative to those living in Japan.
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To make MSN your homepage, go to Internet Options when you open your browser. There should be a box where you can type the address for MSN.
1. Open your Internet Explorer browser window. 2. Click on the "Tools" menu. Click on the "Internet Options" submenu. The "Internet Options" window will
If you mean the MSN search page, then open your. Internet Explorer. browser. in the. file menu. select. Internet Options, then in the. Homepage Properties. box clear the current text
Nothing unless you are using IE10.
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How to remove MSN as a home page? To remove MSN as a home page you want to go into your options tab on the browser or browser tab. On the General tab, there is ...
To make MSN your homepage, you need to configure your browser options. In your browser options, you will find a space for your homepage address. Just put in ' ...
You can change your homepage through your browser settings. Just go to Tools - > Options and put the page you want to be your homepage. ...
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