How to Change the Belt on an MTD Snowthrower?


A person can change the belt on an MTD snow thrower by removing the plastic belt. Phillip screws also need to be removed and the MTD belt diagram can be used. The snow thrower should be tilted.
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1. Disconnect the spark plug wire so the snowblower won't accidentally start while you are servicing the belt. Disengage the clutch. 2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the five
It would be the "H" deck at the link below; the various 46" decks it would be the first one shown and the top belt goes to the top pulleys on each on each side(not
Go this site and look at item #3. It should help you download a manual with pics. Find Answers (Page 1 of 26)
Go to your auto parts store where they know you and ask for a print out diagram for you car's serpentine belt and they will do it for you, I did it the other day!
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You can use the internet to find a diagram for a MTD Riding Mower Belt. There are sites that show you how to adjust this type of belt. You can find sites that ...
1. Purchase a replacement belt that is identical to the one currently in the mower. Each mower has belts designed with particular pitches and dimensions; specific ...
1. Remove the hex-head bolts that secure the black plastic housing on top of the mower with a socket and ratchet. The housing is the drive belt cover. Squeeze ...
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