How to Adjust the Deck on an MTD Riding Lawn Mower?


A person can adjust the deck on an MTD riding lawn mower by first positioning it on a level surface. The MTD mower deck also require rotating the blades. The stabilizer bracket should be loosened.
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1. Push the deck adjuster into the lowest height possible. This will make it easier to replace the belt. 2. Tap the screws located around the belt. Once you tap on them, the screws
1. Prepare your mower for servicing. Read the safety precautions below in the "Warnings" section of this wikiHow article before beginning work. Position the lawn tractor
The center bracket on both side has an adjustment on it. You need to remove the clips that holds it into the deck and then you can spin the adjuster up or down to level it.
If it's like the one I had, there is no adjustment. I'm guessing either the left side spring that pulls the deck back to engage the belt has popped of, or, the right side of the deck
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