Muchacha is a word in Spanish that means a young girl, and is frequently used when speaking about girls around 10 years old. It's often used as a friendly word, and is less slangy than a related term 'chica'. Sometimes a young girl servant will also be called 'la muchacha'.
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Muchacha is a Spanish word that means a young woman or a girl. An example on the use of this word is illustrated in the following sentence 'la muchacha prende la maquina' which in English translates to 'the girl turns on the machine'.
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The etymology of "muchacha" is Spanish. Muchacha (n.) means a young woman. Ask us anything 24/7!
Son. Son is the ellos form of ser.
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In English, muchacha literally means 'girl.' Another meaning that is used for the word muchacha is 'maid,' in reference to a cleaning woman. The word 'muchacha ...
It means "girl" ...
bonita muchancha means pretty girl or beautiful girl. ...
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