What causes muffled hearing in one ear?


WebMD indicates that muffled hearing in one ear can be caused by a variety of factors, including ear wax build up, ear infection and early hearing loss. A ruptured eardrum or a condition of the middle ear can also cause muffled hearing.

According to WebMD, diagnostic tests, such as a physical examination and hearing tests, help to determine the specific causes of hearing impairment. WebMD lists the most common diagnostic tools as otoscopes, which shine light in the ears, and tuning forks, which aid in diagnosing specific types of hearing loss.

WebMD also lists various additional symptoms related to muffled hearing in one ear, which include a plugged feeling in the ear, difficulty understanding what people are saying, a buzzing or ringing in the ear, itching and pain inside the ear sometimes accompanied by discharge and a feeling of dizziness or a sensation that the room is spinning.

The Permanente Medical group claims that middle ear infections are a common cause of muffled hearing. Middle ear infections are caused by bacteria and viruses, and they are commonly linked to upper respiratory infections. The Permanente Medical Group explains that middle ear effusion, also referred to as Serous otitis, is a build-up of fluid in the middle ear, and it is often secondary to a middle ear infection once the initial infection has been treated. Symptoms of Serous otitis include muffled hearing and a feeling of fullness in the ears.

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1. Think about the last time you cleaned out your wax. If you haven't done this for a long time, this is the most common reason for muffled hearing in one ear. Especially if you have
Muffled hearing in one ear can indicate an
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Long use of Ear phones can make the ears get muffled.
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