Multipurpose Projects in India?


The person who started multipurpose projects in India is not listed. India is a country in South Asia. It is officially known as Republic of India or Bharat Ganarajya.
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u type and give me the answer of this question gotttt
In India many multipurpose river projects are undertaken by the Government under 5year Plans.These are: Projects-River-State. 1.Bhakra Nangal project - Sutlej-Punjab,Haryana,Rajasthan
Hi Ajeya, The "Major Role"? water conservation or storage. These projects also supply water for agriculture, industry, human consumption, lake fisheries, provide water
India has got the abundance of qualified talent pool with in cost
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There is more then one multipurpose river valley project going on in India currently. A few of the projects are called Damodar Valley project, The Bhkara-Nangal ...
There are different roles of multipurpose river valley projects. It includes generation of electricity and prevention of flooding. Its role is also to providing ...
Multi purpose projects in India were initiated for the benefit of the people of India. The first multi purpose project was the Bhakra-Nangal multipurpose project ...
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