How to Replace the Belt on a Murray Lawnmower?


To replace the belt on a Murry lawnmower park you mower on a flat surface and change blade setting to disengage. Remove the belt and put the new belt on wrapping it around the pulleys the same way the old one was.
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1. Turn off the mower, disengage the lawnmower blades with the lever on the left fender and then lower the deck to its lowest position with the lever on the right fender. 2. Turn
How do I put a belt on my riding lawnmower I have a 1986 murray 12 hp 38 inch cut
Draw a simple diagram of the belt pattern then cut the old belt and take it out. Remove or loosen the keepers. Lower the deck all the way down, make sure the tensioner on the deck
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How to Change the Belt on a Murray Lawnmower
The belt on the Murray riding lawn mower connects the output pulley on the engine to the pulley system that runs the blades located inside the mower deck. Over time, mower belts start to dry rot and stretch and will eventually break if not replaced.... More »
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