Murray Lawnmower Will Not Start Why?


If you Murray Lawnmower will not start is may be due to a number of reason. First make sure that the mower has enough gas. Make sure that the blade does not have heavy amounts of grass or some other foreign object stopping rotation. You can also check the oil, spark plug, and pull cable tension.
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1. Park your mower on a flat surface. Pull the cap off the spark plug on the front of the engine. 2. Locate the gas tank on the engine. Follow the hose on the underside of the tank
Could we get a little bit more information than just "wont turn on" Pushmower? Rider? symptoms etc't_my_Murray_lawn...
There could still be a number of reasons. One, do you have spark going to your spark plug. YOu can check this a couple of ways. If there is no spark then there could be trouble with
Sometimes during the dawn hours dew can get into the engine giving
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