How do you troubleshoot a Murray riding lawn mower?


Murray riding mowers come in several sizes and power levels. When there is a problem with the engine, the discharge of the grass or the evenness of the mowing, several troubleshooting tips may help to find and solve the problem.

  1. Check the seat switch and wiring harness

    If the engine of a Murray riding mower stops while the blades are engaged, check your position on the seat. You must sit toward the back of the seat for the engine to remain on. If your seating position is correct, the seat switch may be faulty or have a bad connection. Make sure the seat switch is connected to the wiring harness. Replace either the switch or the harness if necessary.

  2. Inspect the blades and underside of the mower

    If the grass is not discharging properly from your riding mower, first make sure that you are not driving too fast. Also, if the grass is excessively tall or wet, it will not discharge properly. If neither of these issues is the problem, check the blades. If they are dull, sharpen them. If they are bent or damaged, they must be replaced. If the blades are fine, check for debris building up underneath the mower housing and clean it.

  3. Take the tire pressure

    If the mower is not cutting grass in a level, even manner, check the tire pressure. Inconsistent tire pressure can cause uneven cutting. Also, make sure the mower housing is properly leveled, and level it if necessary.

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1. Check your gas tank and insert new gasoline if necessary. 2. Dispose of old fuel in your 1999 Murray riding lawn mower if the fuel has been left in the tank between seasons and
30W for summer.
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1. Locate the bolt on the side of the riding mower near the bottom. This is the oil bolt. If you do not see a bolt on the side then check underneath, depending on your motor brand
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How to Troubleshoot Murray Riding Lawn Mowers
Murray has been a recognized name in riding lawn mowers for decades. Murray appliances are known for quality and durability, but like most landscaping equipment used on a regular basis, you’re bound to experience difficulties with your riding mower... More »
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