How can you confuse your muscles?


Confusing your muscles is extremely simple. Most work out routines are very strict, and you find yourself doing the same things, with the same amount of weight and reps all of the time. Working out this way allows your muscles to become conditioned, and essentially they know what is expected of them. To confuse your muscles, simply change the way you work out on a regular basis. Change the amount of weight you use, the amount of reps, and even the exercise routine itself.
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Things You'll Need. Exercise clothing. Exercise equipment. Athletic shoes. Instructions. Work a large muscle group on day one. This could be chest and back, or hamstrings and gluteus
1 Your body is unique. It has evolved for thousands of years around the principle of : "Use less energy, get the same results". This ability allows one to run faster or
Muscle confusion is the principle of changing your routines to keep your body guessing
I don't think there is any particularly novel explanation for this. Muscles grow when forced to repair damage (micro-tears" caused by unexpected stressors they are not adapted
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