Are tattoos placed on the muscle or between layers of skin?


The ink used in a tattoo is placed through a needle into the dermis, or second layer of skin, according to Dartmouth Medical School. The epidermis, or top layer of skin traps the ink to create a permanent design.

A tattoo needle will only penetrate an average of one millimeter into the skin. Still, the epidermis will need time to repair itself after a tattoo is applied, usually two to three weeks on average. According to the Harvard Health Blog, a new tattoo should be treated as an open wound. Aftercare includes avoidance of the sun to protect against blistering. The affected area should also be kept covered and dry with a clean bandage till the skin is fully healed.

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On The Arm.
Areas with more muscle or fat will absorb the needle better
I would imagine that it works the same as fat on the body. If your skin shrinks/stretches, then the tattoo has a likely effect of that happening to it as well. If it is such a worry
Jenn, There is an old saying.... TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS. That is really the only thing you have at this point is time. There should be no noticible effect as the body absorbs the pigment
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