Muscle That Extends Knee and Flexes Thigh?


The muscle group which flexes the thigh and extends the knee is the rectus femoris. It is part of the quadriceps muscles. It is found in the middle of the front thigh.
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The muscle of the thigh are classified into. three. groups, anterior group, posterior group, and interior or adductors group. There are four muscle on the anterior group - quadriceps
The major flexors are the hamstrings, but before
Knee extension is powered by the Quadriceps muscle, located on the front part of the thigh.
Primarily the hamstrings (back of thigh) and quadriceps (front of thigh) When flexing leg back and forth, other muscles help by providing stabilisation. see.
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The rectus femoris muscle extends the knee and flexes the thigh. It is a strong hip joint flexor. Muscles of the thigh, like the hamstrings, flex the knee, the ...
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