Which muscles are used when doing squats?


Squats are exercises that merge various muscle groups. They include the quadriceps muscles which engage when you're performing a standing or lunging squat, the buttocks muscles which are also known as the gluteals, the hamstrings as well as the spinal erectors.
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The squat works many muscles in the body in some form. The primary movers are the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Assuming you are doing them correctly with your knees out and squatting
The same muscles used for jumping, sprinting, and running: gluteus
Fotolia.com When running on a treadmill, a person repeatedly bends various joints and straightens them again. The knee flexes again and again, and the angle between the hip and the
More sprinting, less distance work; Minimum 1g quality protein / lb. of bodyweight per day (eggs/fish/meat/non-rBGH whey protein like http://www.jayrobb.com/protein/w...), lots of
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