What are the uses of muscovite?


Muscovite is a mineral formed of aluminum and potassium minerals. This combination occurs naturally in igneous and metaphoric rocks. It is used in making windows for ovens since it has a high resistance of heat. It is also used in cosmetics to make fine sheen.
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Muscovite is used in both heat and electrical insulation applications.
If you are talking about mica you shouldn't use the Russian name for it.
The 1st known use for Muscovite (sheet mica) was by the people in Old Russia. As it consisted of transparent crystals and could be split into thin sheets, it was used as a glass.
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Muscovite Uses
Muscovite is a naturally occurring mineral that has served a variety of purposes. Although this mineral might not be as sexy as diamonds, its usefulness has helped humankind move from threshold to threshold in evolution. Muscovite is a translucent,... More »
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