How does music influence people?


According to studies, music influences the brains of people more than any other type of stimuli. Researchers at the University of Missouri found that upbeat music can boost moods and boost overall happiness with just two weeks worth of listening.

In addition to helping people boost their moods and overall happiness, music is also important for treating medical conditions. A stroke patient who loses verbal functions may be able to regain them with stimulation from music through melodic intonation therapy, which coaxes parts of the brain that work to perform the functions of parts that do not work.

Music is also a predictor of someone's personality type. For example, rap fans are extremely outgoing and have high self-esteem, while rock fans have lower self-esteem and are not as outgoing. In addition to helping with medical conditions and predicting personality, a moderate amount of ambient noise, otherwise known as background noise, helps to increase creativity by promoting abstract processing.

Music is also shown to increase athletic performance by drowning out the brain's signals that indicate the body is fatigued. The music an athlete listens to competes for attention with the signals of fatigue and helps push him further for longer periods of time.

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