How to Breed a Mustache Parakeet.?


1. Select a pair of sexually mature male and female mustache parakeets to breed. Mustache parakeets attain sexual maturity at two years of age. Distinguish male parakeets from female parakeets by the color of their beaks. Male parakeets have red
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It's usually Latino, with a shaved head and flies from the south most of the time. Only dangerous when in groups of four or more. And really make a mess with their droppings. If you
Mustache parakeets have a reputation for being good talkers. However, many factors can influence a bird's ability and eagerness to learn to speak. Gender, how tame the bird is, how
your parakeet should have changed when she was 6 months old. Some females have pale white beaks. If there is any blue at all, you may have a male. Also in a couple of months you may
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