How to Remove Musty Smells from Antique Dresser Drawers?


To eliminate musty smells from dresser drawers, trunks or other types of old, used furniture, it helps to expose them to good solid sunshine for a day or two, if possible. Sunshine can kill bacteria; not unlike the crocodile laying in the swamp with his mouth wide open, to do just that... kill bacteria. After returning the item indoors, it might be helpful to either add a sheet of fabric softener or potpourri with a pleasant aroma.
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1. Remove the drawers from the antique dresser. Set them outside in the sunshine but not in the direct light. Ultraviolet light can damage antique wood and fabrics as well. The best
Put cedar strips or bags in the drawers.
The only method I know is to seal them with a sealer/primer that has to be painted on the inside of the drawers. Any sealer will do but then your clothes will smell like sealer. Catch
Try putting dryer sheets in the drawers. To eliminate the odor rather than just cover it up, use something like AFM Safecoat. It is a water-based sealant. It will not stain the wood
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I have found that air and sunlight is one of the best things to remove the musty mildew smell from an old wood dressers. I would take each drawer out and clean ...
1. Open all of the dresser drawers and leave open for 24 hours. 2. Fill small bowls with 1/4 cup of baking soda. Place one small bowl inside of each drawer. Close ...
I found that an effective way to remove a musty odor from an old dresser was to vaccuum everything out first. Then, wipe it down with a cleaner suitable for wood ...
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