My AOL Calendar?


The AOL calendar is free and just requires a log in. Once you log in you can add important birthdays, events and schedules. These can be shared with family and friends or kept private.
Q&A Related to "My AOL Calendar?"
1. Access the calendar on your computer if you use AOL as your browser. Use from the homepage with any other Internet browser. Log into your account and click on my calendar
Right now you can only sync the calendar with Outlook - however, you can use Ical on thunderbird - but this will only give you the ability to read your calendar from the AOL server
Is there an option to sync my AOL calendar and contacts with Outlook? I have AOL email configured in Outlook as IMAP. I tried installing AOL sync, which downloaded a few .cod files
If you have a Blackberry or Palm OS device, you can set up something approximating an automatic sync of your AOL calendar and Outlook Calendar by passing data through your mobile
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