My Bonsai Tree Is Dying?


When it comes to taking care of a Bonsai tree you must make sure that it has adequate water. Most Bonsai trees die due to dehydration. Remember that different types of soil will dry out at different rates and different species of Bonsai trees have different water requirements. Bonsai trees can also die because they have been watered too much. It is important to learn proper soil balance, water and air for the type of tree you are growing.
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1. Use sharp, sterile pruning shears to remove any areas of the bonsai that are cannot be saved, such as dead or broken branches, and wilted foliage and stems. Cut back the branches
A bonsai tree is a miniature tree originating in China and Japan. They are grown in containers and the shaping and cultivation is almost an art form.
The tree is probably dying because it doesn't have enough nutrients in the soil, or it doesn't have enough water. The tree should be regularly sprayed with a spray bottle. The soil
This site has all about bonsai trees and can help you understand these technics: It also has an anual calendar that shows you what to do in each season
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1. Change the location of the bonsai tree. Bonsai trees need to be in indirect light, as direct sunlight scorches the delicate leaves and can kill it off. Keep ...
1. Identify the tree species. While many species can be used for bonsai, firs and maples are the most common. The bonsai's growing condition should mimic the natural ...
Bonsai trees are a produced by artistically modifying select varieties of trees. The roots of the trees are tied off using special wiring and then pruned to maintain ...
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