How Can the Relationship Survive If Your Boyfriend's Mother Hates You?


To help make the relationship survive with your boyfriend if his mother seems to hate you can be difficult. Make your feeling be known to your boyfriend so he may talk to his mother and see if there is anything that can be done to strengthen the relationship between the two of you.
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Bring a bottle of quality wine for your boyfriend's mother. She may not drink alcohol, but wine is always a good choice - she can regift it or cook with it. Spirits are another good
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The question should be, WHY is he your boyfriend if he doesnt like you. Hate is a very strong word. Has he told you this or done something that has given you this impression. If so,
Well, our relationship is not yet official nevertheless both our parents are aware that we are together for long. My boyfriend and I are quite related and we sometimes face each other
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