My Breast Hurt Could I Be Pregnant?


If your breast hurt, you could be pregnant especially if you engaged into an unprotected sexual contact. However, breast soreness can also be due to other reasons like menopause, use of certain medication, or underlying medical problem. A pregnancy test can help you determine whether breast soreness could be related to pregnancy.
Q&A Related to "My Breast Hurt Could I Be Pregnant?"
Yes. Take a test after your period is missed to make sure, because it could also be due to your period coming up or gaining weight.
Like most parts of the body, breasts can be sore from time to time.
Not medical advice: It is one of the very first signs of pregnancy, hormones can cause tenderness.
It's completely normal for women. It is simply just growing pains and hormones. Its completely normal but it sucks! Source(s) personal expierence.
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