My Car Is Making a Clunking Noise?


A clunking noise in your car when putting it into drive more than likely has something to do with the transmission. Taking the car to a mechanic is probably your best bet. If there is an issue with the transmission it is best to catch it early on.
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1. Crank the engine but leave the car in neutral or park. Listen for a general area that emits the sound. Use a length of hose held up to your ear. Press the other end of the hose
are your lug nuts tight? could be worn caliper bushings; could be worn cv joint; could be worn sway bar link; have it checked out at a reputable service center
sounds to me like the wheel was simply loose, but now you have a very serious problem/problems! you need to first off get your wheel if you havent already, then you also need to take
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