What does it mean when your car makes a clicking sound when trying to start?


A car that makes a clicking sound when trying to start is one that lacks adequate power to its engine. This scenario occurs when the battery is dead or spark plugs are worn out in a vehicle. It results in the car not being able to start and demands replacement of the battery or damaged parts.

Clicking sounds when a car starts indicates that the battery has died or the spark plugs are ruined. The vehicle is not going to start as long as one or both of these conditions remains an issue. This is the case in instances where vehicles are allowed to sit unused for an extended period of time or after being allowed to stand with lights on the car off for a number of hours.

A clicking noise indicates that there is no electricity available to the engine with which to generate a spark. This signal is necessary in order to make the vehicle function. Restoring a spark requires charging the battery, fixing the spark plugs or manually cranking the engine. Allowing the battery to charge for a period of time, called jump-starting, makes it possible to get the vehicle to a maintenance center but still requires replacement of the battery.

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