My Car Makes a Rattling Noise?


A car can be making a rattling noise if there is a problem with the alternator for example. Another reason is that there might be a problem with the suspension such as a sway bar link.
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Answer Check to heat-shield at the catalytic converter Answer because something is loose
If it is just a rattling noise, crawl under it and check the exhaust mounts and
First you need to identify where your car is making noise, whether it is your engine or the body of your car. It would probably be best to have a professional or at least someone
Panels are the covers on the various devices that the heating unit uses, including the fan, the ductwork and the compressor. Eventually, panels can loosen as the screws wear down.
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Check to heat-shield at the catalytic converter. because something is loose. ...
There could be a few reasons why a car makes a rattling noise when accelerating. It could be from gas that is graded too low, carbon deposits in the cylinder, ...
There are a number of common causes for a rattling noise under one's car. These include a loose muffler or exhaust pipe. A person should bring their vehicle to ...
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