How to Diagnose a Car Smell of Antifreeze?


First of all, you need to locate the part of the car where the leak has occured. Generally, the antifreeze leak occurs under the hood, but you can diagnose the problem from inside or outside of the car. Sometimes, the leak can be caused by a crack in the coolant container or a simple hose failure.
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1. Turn the car on and then turn the heater on high to determine if the antifreeze smell is coming from inside or outside the car. If the smell is coming from inside the car only
antifreeze smell inside car means that there is antifreeze leak somewhere. first check for wet spots under car when parked after running.if anti freeze is leaking from engine it will
Your heater core has probably failed and is leaking coolant. Replacing the heater core should
itll taker awhile to burn out the coolant, especially if the core is not as efficient and it sounds like its not.HEY GERRBEE OR WHATEVER what kind of idiot are you?even if you reversed
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