My Car Turns over but Will Not Start?


Whenever my car turns over but will not start I check the two things an internal combustion engine needs to start, which are fuel and spark.  Normally a mechanic would be the best at troubleshooting the situation, but there are a couple things the do-it-yourselfer can do. Remove a spark plug with it still attached to the plug wire and while turning over the engine, watch for a spark. Next verify fuel is getting into the combustion chamber.
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Why a Car Would Turn Over But Not Start. Lay answer: in addition to the battery voltage to "turn the engine over"ignition requires spark and gas. I'm having the same problem
1. Grab the terminals and twist them by hand. Make sure the battery terminals are not loose on the posts. A bad connection can cause low voltage to the starter and it will not crank
You think it has spark ? You have to be sure it has spark. Take off a spark plug. Then have somebody help you turn the ignition. Ground the spark plug attached to the wire to the
Hi amber thanks for asking. and sorry about the delay there are alot of possiblities to this problem. An engine needs 2 main things to start,Spark and Fuel, take one of those away
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There could be several reasons as to why when your car turns over it will not start, your battery could be dead, the spark plugs could be bad or you might have ...
According to my mechanic a bad battery can indeed cause a car to turn over but not start. If the battery doesn't have enough power to turn the starter over it ...
Your car may have any number of problems if it will not turn over or start. Begin troubleshooting by having your vehicle's battery checked for free at AutoZone ...
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