My Cat Has Scabs around Her Neck?


There are various possibilities of how your cat accumulated scabs on her neck and back. The most common origin of these scabs is from going through rough terrain in an exterior area. Another possibility is that it consistently fights with other cats or animals.
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If you have other cats, they may be biting her. If theres no other cats in your home, she may be allergic to something, like food, types of cleaners you use, etc. I suggest visiting
My cat gets those lots. It's just from scratching her neck when it gets itchy. Her back claws are sharp and they cause cuts sometimes. If she scratches more than a few times a day
There could be many reasons for a rash on
Not medical advise: A cat scratching his neck may be due to mites, scabies, or allergies. Bring him to a vet. Scratching is also a natural behavior for cats.
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Cats get scabs around the neck mostly as an effect of allergies. Sometimes the scabs are caused by the cats biting each other on the neck as they play or fight. ...
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