What does "my cup runneth over" mean?


"My cup runneth over" is a quote from Psalm 23:5 in the King James Version of the Bible, which expresses how the speaker, King David, has more than enough to meet his needs. This quote expresses how well God has blessed David, the writer of this specific Psalm.

The context of Psalm 23 is God's provisions in David's life, and this is one of the images he uses to express how good God has been to him. The image of the cup represents David's daily needs, such as food and water, and the description of the cup running over portrays that he has more than enough. In fact, he cannot contain all of his blessings; hence, the cup is overflowing. Newer versions of the Bible, such as the New International Version, simply translate it, "My cup overflows," and the Living Bible translation is "Blessings overflow!"

Much later, during the 20th century, a couple of musical writers, Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, used this phrase as the title of their song, which was featured in the 1966 Broadway musical "I Do! I Do!" Ed Ames made the song even more popular when he recorded it in 1967. Later, Bob Marley used this quote in his song "My Cup." Though the language is archaic in the King James style, it is a quote and image that has stayed effective in both the religious and secular world.

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If you think of your life as a cup, then that cup is overflowing with blessings and other good things.
It means I have all I could wish for (there is no more room in the cup) - It doesn't mean I have too much. It comes from the Book of Psalms. All Grandma needs to know is the little
Psalm 23:5 "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine
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