My Desktop Has No Audio Device What Can I Do?


First make sure your computer has a sound card. Open device manager by clicking the start button clicking control panel, clicking system and maintenance, and then clicking device manager. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Expand the sound, video and game controllers category. If a sound card is listed, you have one installed. If no sound card is listed, you will need to install one.
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1. Press the Windows logo and "R" keys simultaneously. The "Run" dialog box is displayed. Type "mstsc" without quotation marks, and press "Enter
HARDWARE: open the computer case. insert the soundcard into a free slot in the computer. connect additional wiring (if needed) close the computer case. SOFTWARE: you need the drivers
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1. Start the Remote Desktop Client and enter your login information. Ad. 2. Click the "Options" button in the bottom of the window. 3. Click the "Local Resources"
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