My Dog Ate Plastic What Do I Do?


Dogs commonly get into things they shouldn't, like plastic. If you think that the dog consumed a small piece, you may only need to wait awhile for it to pass on its own. if you think the dog has swallowed a large piece or they exhibit signs like vomitting, constipation, or blood in the stool, you should contact your vet immediately.
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You should take it to the vet just in case because maybe it can get stuck in their digestive system and it depends on how big was it.
If she is passing it that is a good sign but you could always call an emergency Vet and run this past them .You should not be feeding this dog snacks or sausage patties either a dog
If your dog digests chocolate then inducing his vomit can get the poison back out of his body. To induce vomiting, buy some 3 percent standard hydrogen peroxide. Mix a solution that
If your dog ate plastic, you should call your vet. In a lot of cases, small
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