My Dog Has a Rash?


Skin problems are very common in dogs and they can be difficult and frustrating to treat, for owner, vet and especially the poor dog. If the rash has come up very suddenly then it's possible that your dog has reacted to something. The most common reaction that is seen in dogs with skin problems is allergy. It's very difficult to pin point exactly what your dog is allergic to, common things are flea bites, household dust mites, pollens, chemicals such as fabric detergents, and food.
Q&A Related to "My Dog Has a Rash"
1. Comb your dog daily using a fine-toothed flea comb to remove fleas from the fur. Drop the removed fleas into a dish of warm, soapy water and dispose of the fleas down the drain
Dogs are resilient an they don't always tell you they are hurting. Your dog probably has a flea allergy which means just one flea biting him can cause a hot spot like you are talking
sounds like a grass allergy call vet and ask what you can do or give it so if it licks it, it won`t hurt it.
I am not a vet, so I don't know what it is. Rashes can be
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